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Burn Media Group is a Digital Marketing Agency Specializing in

SEO, PPC, Video Marketing & Web Development

Our Digital Marketing Agency considers SEO to sit at the top of the online marketing pyramid. Why? Because research proves that over 90% of online searchers using Google, Bing, and Yahoo stopped looking at the first page results. Around 8% stop on the second page and only around 1% go to page 3. But it gets more interesting. The top five spots on page 1 get over 67% of all clicks, and the number one spot gets 33% of all traffic! Here’s a quote from Ken Courtright, CEO of Income Store, whose company manages over 800 income producing websites, most of them at the top of their categories. In his Podcast entitled “How Google Ranks a Website” he said: “When you’re ranking a website, it’s pretty important to understand that rankings are important. Let me put this in perspective. If you own the number 1 spot for the word, “insurance,” or the word, “real estate,” you will have, in the US and Canada, in a single day, more visitors, more eyeballs looking at your number 1 placement than if you owned every single billboard to and from Chicago, on every major highway leading to and from Chicago. If you’re in second place, it’s only half of that. If you’re in third place, it’s only half of second place. It keeps cutting in half.” SEO is a highly technical set of skills, that requires a high degree of knowledge and specialization. HERE you can download a web article by bestselling author Neil Patel, and an audit template that actually outlines in great detail how to measure your website’s SEO. After reading this you will have a much better understanding of what it actually takes to optimize a website for search. So you won’t be fooled by spammy and scammy marketing emails that claim they can move you up to the top spots of Search Engine results quickly and easily. It is definitely possible to dominate your field Online but it will require a knowledgeable strategy from competent practitioners like you will find here at Burn Media Group. Contact us for a free consultation today.

Featured Digital Marketing Agency Services

PPC – Search Engine Marketing

PPC or Pay Per Click is the commonly used term for Search Engine Marketing, or SEM. Another commonly used term is Paid Search. PPC is the fastest way to get traffic to your Online offers. Burn Media Group is a Google Partner Digital Marketing Agency, so we specialize in creating and managing Adwords campaigns. We are a team of specialists that have passed the stringent Google requirements in the Google Search and Display networks. We are also experts in Youtube and Facebook advertising, which are the other, very effective ways of using Pay Per Click to drive traffic to your products and services. PPC requires in-depth knowledge of copywriting, creating effective landing pages to your offers, and a bit of psychology to understand what drives consumer purchases. For more information and to discuss this area of marketing, Contact Us today!

Video Marketing & Production

Video is by far the most powerful way to communicate everything you want to communicate to the world for all of these reasons. It is also the most powerful way to influence, persuade, teach, or simply tell your story. For companies that do business Online, Video is the fastest way to get traffic to your website and to keep that traffic from bouncing away so quickly. So if you don’t have at least one video on your Home page that tells visitors the Who and the Whys of your company, you are missing an enormous opportunity for growth. But why go with our Digital Marketing Agency to create your Video Marketing content? Because with over 30 years of creating television commercials, infomercials, and television programming we have the experience and knowledge to make your video marketing a successful part of your Digital Marketing strategies. Contact Us for a free consultation today!

Web Development

Your website is the heart of your Digital Footprint. But most websites are little more than digital brochures. It is a fallacy to think that by simply creating and posting a site you can expect to achieve success in Online Marketing. Most sites are plagued with the sounds of crickets, chirping in the background, revealing their lack of visitors. And for business owners, the lack of new customers. As a world-class digital marketing agency Burn Media Group is dedicated to creating websites that are optimized for appearance, ease of use, and especially traffic. To find out more about this topic please read our blog article entitled Websites That Are More Than Digital Brochures. And Contact Us for a free consultation.

Endorsements & Testimonials

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Dan and Burn Media Group four times now and I’m always blown away by the quality and professionalism. Because they truly understand the needs of the audience they’re able to create environments where they can learn really effectively. It’s been awesome!

Dave Conklin, Today’s Growth Consultant, Income Store & Digital Footprint Events

I want to tell the world that our whole event was filmed by Dan and the guys from Burn Media. They’re absolutely phenomenal. When I saw their work I said these are professionals, this is exactly what we need in our events. We partnered up. Dan’s been shooting our events now for a couple of years and I will never use anybody else but Burn Media, they’re absolutely awesome!

Ken Courtright, Founder & CEO - Today’s Growth Consultant, Income Store & Digital Footprint Events

Working with Dan has been remarkable. He did a miraculous job and it came out very professional! From that other segments of our company have decided to use the Burn Media services as well. I highly recommend them!

Gary Swiniarski, Director of Sales, PCI International

It isn’t often that one gets lucky enough to work with someone with patience and integrity, honesty, and who I consider a creative genius. Dan represents everything that is important to me. He (and his team) have done a remarkable job of building my website and my social media presence. He has perfectly captured my philosophy and my vision in representing what is important to me. Most everybody that I know that goes on my site is blown away by the professionalism and the ease of going through it (ronikugler.com).

Roni Kugler, Author, “12 Ways to Discover What Makes You Tick”

Dan, I want to thank you so much for teaching me everything you know about video marketing. We just hit the number one spot on YouTube for nursing sites. We have about 70,000 subscribers! I want to thank you for that. Keep doing what you’re doing man!

Mike Linares, Founder & CEO, SimpleNursing.com

Dan Neira and I have worked together for 25+ years, and he’s able to convert into reality the concepts that we as an ad agency would put out. We were pleased, very pleased, our clients were pleased — clients like Verizon Wireless, Los Angeles Zoo, Los Angeles Dodgers. His aptitude, his understanding of the problem, his ability to communicate on different levels, from the creative side to the production side, on the internet, on film, is what makes him a treasure and a jewel for someone in my position. So you have my fullest endorsement of Dan Neira.

Ralph Lacher, Founder and CEO, RLR Advertising

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